AXYZ Advanced Manufacturing Process Offers 366,918 Standard Machine Configurations

Press Release from AXYZ International Inc.


January 2015

AXYZ International are a world leader in providing versatile, configurable and revolutionary high performance CNC Routing, engraving and knife cutting solutions. Headquartered in Burlington, Canada with application development centers across the globe, most notably in the USA, UK, India and Poland, AXYZ have the capability to provide a wide range of machine configurations under their many brands that will accommodate all application and budgetary considerations.

The modern manufacturer is searching for a unique selling point, they know exactly what they need to make their business stand out and achieve that winning combination of productivity and profitability. In today’s competitive climate offering a limited range of CNC Routers is just not good enough. That’s why AXYZ have developed an advanced manufacturing facility capable of producing distinctive, one-off routers as quickly as other factories can build standard off-the-shelf machines. AXYZ understand that each industry requires various options, processing areas and head configurations and are able to deliver a staggering 366,918 standard machine configurations to ensure the customer has the best possible platform for progression and success.

By breaking down each industry sector you can see how manufacturers may need a diverse range of machine characteristics. For the Sign and Graphics industry, AXYZ commonly produce the AXYZ 4000 or 6000 Series machines which have process widths designed to accommodate the majority of sheet materials used in this industry, complete with an automatic tool changer, AVS Camera Registration System, and one or more Knife cutting heads.

Compare this with customers in the woodworking industry who tend to utilize the AXYZ 5000 Series machine with a larger capacity automatic tool changer, pop-up locations pins and a pneumatic or multi head gang drill.

Plastic fabricators usually opt for a 6000 Series machine to suit standard sheet sizes but they will also specify the helical rack and servo drive options which deliver the smoothest and most precise motion for high accuracy and best cut quality. The heavy duty Pacer Series machines are also popular with plastic fabricators as their strength and robust construction are designed to eliminate any vibrations that could cause imperfect cutting.

Customers needing to process large volumes of Aluminum Composite materials get the greatest benefit from a 5000 Series machine with long process areas up to 40ft (12m) and triple routing heads designed to allow pendulum processing for continuous machine operation and maximum high speed throughput. Dedicated design and programming software and a host of optional machine features allow ultimate configurability for high volume production.

With each industry requiring such variety a state of the art manufacturing facility based in Burlington, Canada allows AXYZ to engineer, manufacture and deliver customized systems which are all built to order with the shortest manufacturing lead times in the industry. With everything built in-house by AXYZ International, quality control is localized, consistency is guaranteed and customization is easily achievable.

As such, one of the greatest strengths of the AXYZ brand is their ability to supply machine configurations to suit almost any specific manufacturing requirement. Ranging from both standard and optional production tools, process areas and cutting head options, AXYZ routers claim to be best in class. The ability to offer virtually any length and width of process area with the option of one or two gantries, each having one or two carriages and each carriage featuring up to three cutting heads in any combination of router and knife tools, with optional automatic tool change facility certainly justifies that claim.

When you consider the range of cutting heads that can be used – routing spindles, knife units, drills and more, and all the ways in which they can be arranged on the machine either with or without an automatic tool changer, and all the other optional features, the possibilities are almost endless. This is what makes the AXYZ brands the most versatile in the modern era.

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