WEIMA America to Return to NPE in 2015

Press Release from WEIMA America

December 15, 2014

The International Plastics Showcase—NPE—is the world’s largest plastics industry tradeshow, and as a leader in plastics size reduction technology, WEIMA will be present once again. NPE will be held in Orlando, Florida from March 23rd-27th, 2015. WEIMA America is bringing a diverse range of machinery. With so many types of plastic waste, WEIMA is sure to have a machine that will be the perfect fit.

The WEIMA WLK10 will be on display featuring the robust WEIMA gearbox and 4-sided serrated ram. It will include an E-Rotor design, which is ideal for shredding film and fiber. Conversely, the brand new WLK1000 will be on display featuring a V-Rotor design, which is perfect for the various forms of hard plastic scrap. The drop-down screen basket makes changing the screen on this machine much easier. The model on display will also show a pipe-spacer hopper design. Both the WLK10 and the WLK1000 come standard with a 14.5” rotor diameter.


The largest machine at the WEIMA booth will be the WLK20 Jumbo. This machine will be equipped with an F+ Rotor design. This rotor is ideal for processing a mix of film and hard plastics. The Jumbo will have a platform next to it so that booth visitors can view inside its massive hopper.


WEIMA will also be running a two-stage shredding system throughout the show. A WEIMA WLK4 will be feeding an NZ Granulator and the finished product will be discharged through an air system. Spectators will be able to view the entire size reduction process from start to finish.

WEIMA America will be exhibiting at booth #5391.

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