Common ground: Altuglas® lights up Nuit Blanche-Metz

Press Release from Altuglas International Arkema Group

10/01/2013  -  Press release  
Altuglas International, a subsidiary of the Arkema Group is a partner of the French artistic event dedicated to contemporary art: Nuit Blanche-Metz (57) []. The Altuglas ®  acrylic glass produced in the French industrial site of Saint-Avold crosses the art-works presented at this event. The general public will focus on two of them October 5 and 6, 2013 : Mechanical Field of Vincent Leroy and the limousine Peugeot® LimoVian performed in highly innovative nanostructured sheet.

Altuglas® in Mechanical Field or Giant"herbs" for Lilliputians.

Centre Pompidou Metz-France

The setting will be the square of the  Centre Pompidou-Metz , the renowned cultural museum. The art-work performed by Vincent Leroy [] diverts Altuglas ®  acrylic glass to its traditional applications in the image of the brand. It captures the reflective properties of the material and its flexibility.

The herbs in  Altuglas ®  Fluo,  such an army of clones to multiply to infinity, take possession of the square of the Centre Pompidou in Metz. A giant "grass" (1700 strands of 1.50 m in height) is repeated identically. Once installed, contrast is monumental (3.5 tonnes) and light at the same time. An unexpected and visible green light creates a call to the Pompidou museum. Visitors strolling between each strand as guests to explore a wonderland Lilliputians.

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