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A.W.T. and Saturn launch comprehensive new Drying and Storage Racks website

Chicago, December 2017—The world’s leading manufacturers of drying and storage racks, A.W.T. World Trade, Inc. and Saturn Rack , are pleased to announce their comprehensive, convenient, and user-friendly new website at . The site is a one-stop source for information and specifications on all of our rack models, sizes, options, and accessories.

Drying and storage racks are indispensable organizational tools for drying, storing, and moving screens, prints, and other flat substrates. A.W.T. and Saturn Rack offer an unparalleled range of drying and storage racks featuring designs that represent the practical application of decades of industry expertise.

A.W.T. has been the recognized world leader in the design, production, and marketing of drying and storage racks for over 40 years, and is known for its popular Rack-It™ series, the handy Versa-Rack™ , the Dry-It™ series of drying cabinets, and the durable Frame-Mate™ .

Saturn ’s respected products include the fully-adjustable Rollin’ Screen Racker™ and the efficient Tensor-18™ , which have both been redesigned by A.W.T. engineers to make them more durable, more versatile, and easier to assemble. New features have made these popular racks even more useful and efficient.  

Drying and storage racks from may be used in a wide variety of settings and for countless applications, from heavy industrial production facilities and high-volume print shops to offices, schools, studios, and retail stores.   Whatever your particular application or operation may require, there is a drying and storage solution from A.W.T. and Saturn Rack to meet your needs.

A.W.T. World Trade, Inc. manufactures and stocks the industry’s most complete range of screen printing supplies. From fabrics and frame adhesives, block-out and sealants, scoop coaters, brushes, and registration pins, to a variety of process control tools, pallets, squeegee blades and handles, emulsion removers, as well as hundreds of other items.

For more information on our full line of Drying and Storage Racks , including options and accessories, visit the new website at A.W.T. World Trade Group, Inc. 4321 N. Knox Ave., Chicago, IL 60641. Phone: (773) 777-7100. Email:   [email protected].

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