RiCOMA.com is now live!

Press Release from Ricoma International Corporation

RiCOMA.com is now live! Customer’s from all over the world can now check out our new landing page, available in most languages. RiCOMA.com serves to guide each customer to the appropriate RiCOMA website meant specifically for their part of the globe. Our visitors can now easily access either  RiCOMA.us  or  RiCOMA.cn  directly from our new landing page and learn about our  operations as a  Global Company while there! RiCOMA is working steadily to create the best user experience for our customers and will eventually provide tools on all of our websites to guide each customer directly to their regional distributor or dealer! RiCOMA will keep our customers updated on our latest releases, so be sure to keep a look out on our social media to keep up with our progress!

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