RiCOMA International Corp announces that Stitchable.com is finally here!

Press Release from Ricoma International Corporation



Stitchable.com is finally here! The anticipated website for our EM-1010 Home Embroidery Machine is making waves in the embroidery industry! Stitchable.com serves to showcase our brand new 10-needle embroidery machine intended for embroidery enthusiasts looking for a robust machine able to stitch in multiple colors without ever changing a thread spool! The site covers all of the features for the machine including information on Hatch Embroidery software. Our online visitors are now able to seamlessly view all aspects of the EM-1010 Home Embroidery Machine in one convenient online location!

Here are some specific features that our content-rich site has to offer: EM-1010 Brochure download, comprehensive overview of all features, training videos, a user-friendly, intuitive interface as well as an in depth side-by-side comparison of RiCOMA’s Home Embroidery Machine against its competitors. Don’t forget the Events and News, making planning to attend one of our trade shows easier than ever!


RiCOMA always strives to build our online presence and to provide the best user experience with our products and services, so be sure to keep a look out on our social media to keep up with our new features!

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