LW3: Large industrial laser workstation

Press Release from Gravotech Inc.

We are proud to officially release the LW3: our well-known large laser workstation. For long this product has been available under customization versions, now it is officially integrated into the product range.
This solution is oriented to industrial companies wishing to implement laser part traceability to their production, and want to avoid the installation of big class 1 facilities.
Through its design, the LW3 naturally encloses the laser marking head and the part being marked. The metal panels and laser resistant viewing window ensure the protection of the employe from the laser beam radiation.
While the laser marking takes place, tubing extracts the particles and fumes emitted during the marking process to a highly efficient exhaust system, preventing dust buildup within the enclosure, propagation into the workspace and risk for the operator.
Thanks to its Class 1 laser security certification (door closed), the operator and his/her working area are totally safe.
Industry oriented
The robustness and specific technical features of the LW3 make it ideal for industrial environments. As the metal casing protects the operator from the laser beam, it also prevents dust and objects from entering the enclosure during the laser marking process.
The marking job is programmed in our easy-to-use Lasertrace software, then sent to the machine so the operator only needs to press “start” on the touchscreen to execute the marking.
Several accessories are compatible with our new laser station, including rotary devices, our 3D module, validation cameras, exhaust systems, Class 4 override etc.
The latter allows the LW3 to mark parts bigger than the enclosure itself. Increasing the maximum part size even more. Our Class 4 override accessory enables the trained user to switch from Class 1 to Class 4 laser marking. The operator must be trained to use a class 4 laser and wear proper protection equipment.
Press release October 10th, 2023
Its capacity and compatibility with our laser marking systems makes the LW3 the perfect choice when it comes to marking a wide range of metal and plastic parts, in every industrial environment, from the aeronautical industry to the most exigent automobile manufacturing industries.
Would it be marking large front car bumpers one by one, or batches of medium sized metallic assembly parts, the LW3 can host parts up to 1100 x 750 x 628 mm.
Furthermore, it’s possible to inscribe multiple identifiers on the parts thanks to the Z axis, or ZX bridge configurations:
• LW3 with Z axis: allows the laser marking head to move up or down (Z axis), for multi-level marking,
• LW3 with ZX bridge: allows the laser head to move up, down, and along the length of the machine (X axis) for multiple markings of long parts, or a set of medium sized ones.
This is only a glimpse of what our new machine is capable of. The LW3 is the ideal high-capacity laser workstation for the most exigent production processes.

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