Precision Coatings, Inc.

2313 Wycliff Street
St Paul, MN 55114

About Precision Coatings, Inc.

Precision Coatings, Inc. is ISO 9001 registered serving world class companies for over 25 years. We offer full-service plasma spray, arc spray, flame spray and HVOF coating services as well as machining & grinding services. We offer design engineering assistance and prototyping for your component. We utilize robotic spraying and specialize in medium to high volume production.

Our coatings include wear & corrosion resistant tungsten carbides, nickel chrome, and CERAMIC coatings for bearing and seal surfaces, plungers, shafts, rollers, plates, etc. We also apply NON-STICK coatings for food processing and packaging & handling equipment.

We serve many industries including: diesel engine sub-assemblies, agricultural equipment, wind energy, pumps, electronics, printing, casting and more.

We also offer COMPLETE COMPONENT SUPPLY & inventory management in high volume: machine/fabricate the basic part, apply coating and final grind or machine, then ship on demand.

We are dedicated to YOU!