Tex Visions Introduces New Advertising Tents

Press Release from Tex Visions

Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 8/22/2013 – Tex Visions introduced new Advertising Tents in three sizes on Thursday. 

Advertising Tents are commercial grade tents made for long-term use. Three sizes are offered, 10'x10', 10'x15', and 10'x20' with multiple options for customization. The frame consists of a premium truss configuration to keep the canopy secure while the telescopic legs use their hexagon-shape to maintain stability. With 6.5' above ground space for walking or standing, the Advertising Tent will command attention with a peak that reaches a maximum height of 10.5'. 

For the canopy and walls, the options offered are full imprints, area imprints and no imprints. Area imprints and no imprints (white) are great for those who are trying to save money but still want the presence of a large display. Walls come as solid pieces with 100% coverage or to keep visibility, can have windows added for a unique look. Half walls are ideal when a barrier is required but open space is wanted for interaction. 

Additional accessories such as Steel Weight Plates for added support in windy conditions and a Trolley with Wheels for easy transportation make our Advertising Tents top notch! 

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