Introducing our New Catalog – In Three User-Friendly Formats

Press Release from AS Hanging Display Systems

Published December 11, 2014 -

What can you display with AS Hanging Display Systems? Virtually anything. Retail displays, classroom artwork, temporary exhibits. All easily changed without having to repair and repaint the wall. In fact, you don’t even necessarily need a wall. From classrooms to boardrooms to living rooms, we offer hanging display systems that can change the way you look at everything.

The challenge is, “how do we communicate this capability” to our various audiences. The answer is in our new catalog, a first ever for AS Hanging Display Systems.

How It Works

The catalog is separated into two main sections: Applications and Products.


This section is divided into product families with each family featuring several application photos in which these products were used. Then, each of these photos is illustrated in an “X-ray” style, allowing the reader to “see through” the art and other wall objects. This allows the reader to best understand how our fittings were used to accomplish the given task. Further, “Call Outs” identify exactly which actual fittings were used and direct the reader to a specific page in the Products section of the catalog to further their research.

For each main product family, the Application section also includes a list of main features that differentiates it from the other product lines and also offers a Short Form Architectural Guide Specification for use by professional architects and designers.


This section is structured in a logical order for the path you would typically take to design your own solution. Start by choosing a track, pier or hanger. Then choose compatible cable or rod. Lastly, choose your fittings. It’s easy to quickly create something as beautiful as whatever it is you want to display.

Each subsection provides all the related speeds and feeds, such as color options, capacities, compatible products, etc.

On many occasions the reader is also prompted to call our toll free number, visit the company’s web site, or visit the firm’s blog for more information. The catalog is available for request by calling our toll-free customer service line (866-935-6949), sending a request via email to [email protected], or by requesting one via a form at our “Contact Us” page. The 44-page catalog is shipped to your location at no charge.

However, the print catalog is not the whole story … by any means. This is a digital world and that frequently means there are expectations for immediate information when it is needed. For that reason, the catalog is also available in digital format as a 53 MB downloadable PDF file. This will allow the reader to experience the same catalog content without the paper and heft. In just a matter of moments it can be loaded onto your favorite digital device and taken with you, wherever your creative efforts lead. It will be viewable offline and untethered, without a web connection. This is a great solution for the many of us who travel and use tablets, like the Apple iPad, as a primary work tool. If you are a designer, homeowner, or a road warrior, or particularly an environmentally sensitive individual, this may be a very good medium for you.

Interactive Catalog

But perhaps the best experience is in a new high-tech version of the catalog. This is an interactive web catalog. This experience is perhaps the most rewarding of all. All the same content is presented, just as in the print catalog, only better. Perhaps you are wondering how this differs from the PDF version. Hugely different … even though the content is the “same”. This catalog is interactive .

There are internal links between the pages within the web catalog. When you are viewing an application in the Application section, for example, and there is a call-out to a page in the Product section of the catalog, just click on it. You will be taken there. Likewise, when you are in the Product section and click on a product name, you will be linked outside the catalog and taken directly to the item page (of our website) for which you just clicked.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about how our products can be beneficial in your project, please contact our Customer Support team.

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