Introducing Display Reveal – Not Your Standard Wall Track

Press Release from AS Hanging Display Systems

Published November 20, 2014 - We are very excited to “reveal” a new product we’re offering to the architect and design community – Display Reveal . This product enters AS Hanging Display Systems into the interior wall-reveal market.

What is a “Reveal”?

Reveals are used to create the illusion of a floating wall surface, and more frequently designed into tall spaces to scale a wall to human proportions, or in other instances these are used to introduce a design element. This is particularly a common design tactic in public interior spaces such as airports, performing arts structures, convention centers, corporate lobbies, as well as many other building types.

Display Reveal Differs From Other Reveals.

Similar to other interior wall reveals offered by established firms in the wall and ceiling specialties space, the Display Reveal offers a ½-inch horizontal reveal wherever it is placed during wall build out.

However, unlike other reveals, the Display Reveal has been designed as part of a system of components, allowing it to act as a track for a hanging system. Users will be able to suspend wall objects, art, signage and transient displays from aluminum or stainless steel rods, or stainless cables and nylon cords. Virtually every hook and fitting in the company’s product line-up is compatible with one or more of these cables or rods. There is even a compatible secure system.

Display Reveal is Dual Purpose.

This is not just a “track” for hanging systems, which on its own offers the many benefits of avoiding wall damage and reduced facility maintenance costs. This product is first and foremost a reveal. It appears much like other third party reveals available from other manufacturers, like those that are frequently specified by the A&D community.

Still, this is the only reveal designed as part of a comprehensive system that includes cables, rods and an industry-leading variety of hooks and fittings. Yes, it is a reveal, but it also serves as a fully functional and most discreet display system track. The clever design transfers weight suspended from cables and rods into the reveal cavity, avoiding any reliance on the reveal lip. This avoids potential damage or cracking of gypsum joint compound.

Display Reveal is Designed for Commercial Use.

The Display Reveal ships in long 10-ft. “sticks” to minimize joints and to make installation as efficient as possible. Also, the design is symmetrical. That is to say there is no top or bottom in the design. This makes it impossible to install it up-side-down. The overall design minimizes field installation errors and cost.

Lastly, the reveal is to be structurally fastened to the host wall during build out. This, combined with the way in which the design transfers the weight of hanging objects into the reveal cavity, allows this product to be rated to support 110 lbs. per linear foot. This capacity exceeds any common commercial hanging system track.

Display Reveal Promotes Sustainable Design.

When not in use, this display wall reveal disappears into the background of good interior design. What could be a better example of sustainable design than an architectural design element that also serves a valid functional purpose? With its dual role it is such a natural fit in commercial or public spaces. Why specify just any reveal when the Display Reveal can also achieve hanging system functionality? Perhaps we should have named it BOGO Reveal (BOGO: buy one, get one). The Display Reveal is the reveal of the future and could become a de facto feature of public use spaces.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about how our products can be beneficial in your project, please contact our Customer Support team.

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