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For over 75 years, LMT Onsrud has been providing premium cutting tools for various industries ranging from woods to composites to exotic metals. Our goal is to provide to our customers cutting tools that are On Spec and On Time and that are made to your exacting specifications.

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By LMT Onsrud

ARS-2 Aluminum Rougher Standard Length 2 FL * Designed for Heavy Material Removal Rates * The Sinusoidal Chipbreaker Pattern and Open Flute Geometry are Optimized to Slot 30% Faster than a Standard Design. Read more »

By LMT Onsrud

TVM-4 Titanium Variable Index Medium Length 4 FL Designed for Slotting, Roughing, and Semi-Finishing * High Metal Removal Rates * Variable Flute Indexing to Reduce Cutting Forces and Chatter Read more »

By LMT Onsrud

40-100 High Speed Steel - Spiral Provides a smoother finish than single flute. Upcut recommended for grooving, slotting, or blind routing. Downcut recommended when chip flow should be directed down to protect the finish on the top of the material being cut. Read more »

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