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SignDesignBooks is a solution provider for sign businesses that creates unique content to streamline business communication. We possess real world experience with what works and what does not work, and pass that knowledge along through our premier publications for the sign building industry.

Our sign design and technical sign drawing eBooks are a selection of comprehensive eBooks on the subjects of sign design, dimensional design, and technical sign drawing with illustrations and explanations.

SignDesignBooks’ sign submittal checklists are the go-to source for wall murals and flipbooks on everything a sign company needs to know about sign submittals.

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The Sign Submittal Checklist is the only instructional training aide of its kind in the sign business. This digital product gives your sign company a competitive advantage because it provides a fast-track learning tool for graphic designers, making the sign submittal process quick and easy.... Read more »


Inside Sign Design is the only book of its kind. This book has sold over 100 copies in 7 countries. Inside Sign Design covers the foundational basics required to be an efficient sign company. Inside Sign Design provides a comprehensive solution for a sign company for reference and training.... Read more »


This book provides several dozen Attachment Details with a majority of signs installed on a building wall or fascia. Attachment Details. This is a technical how-to book made easy to use and reference. Attachment Details are "required" with a Sign Submittal to get a final sign-off from a City... Read more »