The Importance of Affordable Neon Sign Repair Services for Your Business

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The Importance of Affordable Neon Sign Repair Services for Your Business

Neon signs are an effective marketing tool for businesses, but they can fail over time. Repairing neon signs, rather than replacing them, can save you money; however, the cost of a repair job can vary dramatically between service companies. Every extra dollar you spend affects your bottom line, so it’s important to partner with a company that offers affordable neon sign repair services.

Why Neon Signs are Crucial for Your Business

Neon signs are an effective way to advertise your business during the day and night. These signs are also eye-catching and memorable, so they’re a great way to raise brand awareness and keep your business top of mind. While they illuminate through the night, neon signs cost less to operate than you might think. They’re incredibly energy efficient, with LED neon signs using 50-60% less power than traditional light bulbs. They also last longer, with an average life of 10 years.

Common Issues with Neon Signs

While neon signs are durable, problems can arise from time to time. Some of the most common issues with neon signs include:

  • Inadequate voltage: A faulty transformer or problems with your business’s electrical system may reduce the voltage your sign receives; without sufficient voltage, the neon won’t ionize and the sign won’t illuminate.
  • Rusty or dirty connections: The connections between the electrodes and the glass tube must stay clean and rust-free to complete the light’s circuit.
  • Broken or shorted wires: Wires must be in good condition to supply power to the sign.
  • Leaky tubes: Neon gas can escape from a tube that’s damaged or deteriorated.

The Consequences of Ignoring Neon Sign Repairs

The sooner your neon signs can be repaired, the sooner they can start promoting your business again. However, missed marketing opportunities aren’t the only result of ignoring repairs. Minor issues can become major ones, leaving your signs inoperable if they’re not rectified. Broken or shorted wires may even start fires that could cause property damage and affect your operations. When you ignore repairs, you may also need to pay for work that would otherwise be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

The Benefits of Affordable Neon Sign Repair Services

Partnering with an affordable neon sign repair services company has multiple benefits for your business.

Cost Savings

When you hire an affordable business to fix neon signs for your company, you’ll spend less on parts and labor. Repairs are generally cheaper than replacements, as you pay only for faulty components rather than for the complete sign.

Increased Efficiency

Repairing your neon sign can help it run more efficiently. You’ll notice the greatest difference if you replace traditional neon tubes with more efficient LED neon lights. Large neon displays need between 3,000 and 18,000 volts of power, compared to just 24 to 120 volts for comparable LED neon displays, so the energy savings can be substantial.

Improved Safety

Recently repaired neon lights are much safer for your business. Repairing the lights may involve replacing damaged wires, which can trigger fires, or fixing cracked tubes, which are prone to shattering. If you transition from traditional neon to LED neon during your repair, you’ll also reduce your risk of fire and breakage, as these lights stay cool to the touch.

Tips for Finding Affordable Neon Sign Repair Services

These tips can help you find quality, yet affordable, neon sign repair services for your business.

Research Online

Online research can tell you which neon sign repair businesses service your local area. Look for credible companies that specialize in neon sign repairs. Their websites can help you assess their experience and understanding of neon signs.

Read Reviews

Browse reviews from independent websites like Google and Yelp to learn what customers think of these businesses. Independent reviews can tell you whether a business is affordable, competent, and easy to deal with.

Request Quotes from Multiple Providers

Once you’ve compiled a shortlist of candidates, ask them to prepare quotes for your repairs. You can then compare the affordability of each repair. Remember to consider everything you know about the businesses, not just what they charge.

Contact Bakers’ Signs

If you need neon sign repairs in Texas, contact Bakers’ Signs. With more than 33 years in the business and clients all over the Lone Star State, we’ve built a reputation as the top sign company in the Houston area. You can trust us for high-quality and affordable neon sign repair services.

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