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WALTER HARTLAUER SIGNS was started by Walter Hartlauer a legend in the sign industry. He started making fancy signs and letters with a bandsaw for whoever would buy them. Most of his children worked with him making those signs and letters. Then his vision began with using a router instead of a bandsaw or jig to cut letters. He sold his machinery, patterns and router bits from state to state in the 70's. Later with the discovery of computerized routing, Walter Hartlauer Signs starting only selling router bits and a few accessories.


1. If we don't stock it, we can get it or we probably can help you find it.
2. We offer a 10% discount off manufacturer's prices.
3. We will ship your router bits anywhere in the USA for free. We also offer Next Day, 2nd day, and 3rd day shipping at discounted rates.
4. We like to talk to our customers because it's easy to get the wrong item and we know your time and money is valuable. Help is always free and available.
5. All orders are shipped the same day if received before 3pm PST.

Products by Hartlauer Bits

By Hartlauer Bits

Belin.Y 13000 series - 1 Edge Upcut Spiral O-Flute - Solid Carbide USAGE: Soft & Hard Plastics These tools are manufactured by Belin in France. They are very similar to the Onsrud 63-700 series. One key difference is that the tools are polished on the outside as well as inside the flute. These tools leave an exceptional finish in hard plastic, and some success... Read more »

By Hartlauer Bits

Onsrud 52-000 series - 2 Edge Upcut Spiral - Solid Carbide USAGE: Hard Plastic, Solid Surface & Aluminum This solid carbide tool is a great all-purpose cutter. It will give a good finish in a variety of materials. These tools are designed to have a longer life when compared with high speed steel (HSS). Solid carbide has a harder edge that holds up well... Read more »

By Hartlauer Bits

Onsrud 55-000 series - 4 Edge Upcut Spiral - Solid Carbide This is an older series and has been used to cut a variety of different materials. It has always been a good choice when cutting more abrasive materials like steel and fiberglass. The multiple flutes leave a smooth finish and good life when an appropriate feed rate is used. These are also... Read more »

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CNC Production Routing Guide

CNC Production Routing Guide

CNC Production Routing Guide

By Hartlauer Bits

Companies purchasing a CNC router act only after a thorough study of the machines in the market place. Prospective router buyers assess individual needs and scrutinize the appropriate machinery, configurations, and options prior to actual purchase. This can be an intimidating experience because...
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